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How To Videos

How to assemble a Kübox shipping container:


1. Place your Kübox container on a flat surface.

2. Remove the plastic corner hubs.

3. Take the top lid off.

4- Remove the 4 small cardboard spacers from each corner.

5. Take the side-walls and end-walls out of the container.

6. Insert the end-walls into the base of the Kübox.

7. Fit the side-walls into the base and the end-walls of the Kübox container.  

8. Pack your items inside the assembled Kübox. Secure them with padding materials.

9. Close the Kübox by placing the lid on top of the 4 cardboard walls.

10. Place the four plastic hubs on each corner of the top lid.

11. Insert two plastic pins per corner hub until it "clicks". Make sure to place the pins on the top lid and the base of the Kübox to secure the 8 corner hubs.

Your Kúbox is now ready for shipping!


How to open a Kübox shipping container:


 1. Remove the two plastic pins from each corner hub on the top lid, using the pin remover tool, or any item you can use as a lever, like a flat screwdriver, the back of a hammer, or a spoon.

2. Take off the plastic hubs.

3. Remove the top lid.

4. Take out your packed items.