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About Kübox

"We believe our disruptive innovation enables positive behavior by motivating people to reuse. Our goal is to make crating very simple by bringing together award-winning innovation, world-class packaging design, and aerospace engineering."                                                                                                         

Darryl Kelinske, C.E.O. 


Shipping something special

It all started with an ambitious goal, to create a shipping container with a stacking strength of over 3,500 pounds while being 1/4 of the weight of a wood crate. By combining lightweight materials, we created Kübox, an incredibly strong container which is also reusable. 

Our patented design has been awarded the prestigious DuPont award for Packaging Innovation and Sustainability. Our American made and manufactured product is designed to redefine crating solutions for businesses and those who want to ship something special.  


Anatomy of a Kübox

Kübox is an incredibly strong, lightweight, easy-to-assemble shipping container.

Our innovative design integrates engineered laminated paper profiles and  triple-layered corrugated fiberboard panels. Resistant plastic corner hubs kept in place with locking pins absorb the shock of rough handling.

All parts are replaceable and reusable.