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About Kübox


Kübox is a DuPont award-winning product. Our American made and manufactured product is designed to redefine crating solutions for businesses and those who want to ship something special. Kübox is made with simple yet innovative technology using mostly paper. This unique design is very strong and takes just seconds to assemble! It’s more than just a box, it’s Kübox.

Kübox integrates engineered laminated paper profiles, triple-layered corrugated fiberboard panels, and rugged corner hubs and pins to create an incredibly strong, lightweight, SIMPLE-to-assemble shipping container. When shipped in the parcel system, Kübox's unique design with resilient corners helps absorb the shock of rough handling with up to 150 lbs. shipped inside.

Your Kübox will arrive in the collapsed position with all parts nested inside for SIMPLE transport and storage. Set-up takes about a minute. You will need a tool to pry out the special designed pins. It can be as simple as a spoon--you just need an item that can generate leverage.

Kübox won a DuPont Award for Innovative Product in Sustainability. Specifically designed to be used more than ONCE, enabling an eco-friendly alternative. The world is very important to us and we believe reusability is a higher calling than recyclability.

The epic journey of your valuable possessions starts with Kübox. The lightweight option allows companies and customers to ship across the world at cheaper costs. Kübox sails through international customs where wood crates often get detained.  The journey ends with an incredible experience of ease and safety for the end-user. Once received, the journey can embark again as Kübox is reused for shipping, moving or storage... or perhaps transformed into a table.  Explore new limits with Kübox.


We can create a custom Kübox for your special shipment - our minimum order quantity is one! Custom orders ship within 3 business days. Contact us for pricing and lead time on large custom orders. For large volume orders of standard and custom sizes, contact us at 615.212.8811 or