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Kübox for Business

Evaluating shipping alternatives means considering costs around the container itself. Shipping fees, warehousing and handling are factors that impact the final price. There are also additional elements that affect how your clients experience the delivery process. 

When the items being shipped are heavy, fragile and valuable, the risk of being damaged is one of the most important elements to take into account. While shipping fees and labor costs can add up to the price, damages to the items can multiply the cost by two or three times. 

In the world of eCommerce, delivery becomes the closest interaction between your clients and your brand. The unboxing experience goes from differentiator to must-have. Packaging takes on the positive attributes of the brand itself and a great service experience. This is what turns customers into repeat business. 

According to studies on ecommerceone product review can result in a 10% increase in sales and 200 reviews can result in as much as a 44% increase in sales.

Manufacturers and distributors of highly specialized technical equipment, luxury homeware and irreplaceable pieces of art, trust Kübox to safely deliver their items all over the US and internationally.

Find out how Kübox can reduce the risks of shipping and increase your brand value.


Shipping via Parcel

The weight limit for shipping via parcel is 150 pounds, including the shipping container. Being made mostly of paper, Kübox is lightweight and gets more product shipped within the 150 weight limit. 

Kübox's unique design and use of diverse materials lets it survive the parcel shipping environment without the use of a pallet.

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Shipping via Freight 

Kübox is half the weight of a wood crate. Resilient corners help absorb the shock of rough handling with up to 150 lbs shipped inside.

When shipped on a pallet through the freight system, it can resist over 5,000 lbs of weight stacked on top.

International Shipping
Kübox allows companies and customers to ship across the world at cheaper costs. Made from paper and therefore not subject to ISPM export regulations, Kübox travels through international customs where wood crates often get detained. 


User experience

Product Damage and Returns

When shipping heavy and fragile items, even the strongest corrugated box begins to fail between 40 to 60 pounds, and carriers recommend to take additional measures to ensure package safety, such as using staples and heavy-duty tape.

The failure rate for corrugated boxes when shipping items heavier than 60 pounds can be as high as 40%.

If there is damage in shipping, there are significant costs: claims handling, replacement of the product, and many times there is a need for specialized and expedited processing and shipping. The total cost can be as much as 2 to 3 times the value of the item being shipped. Plus, there is a severe negative impact on customer experience with a high likelihood that the customer may not return.

Kübox integrates engineered laminated paper profiles, triple-layered corrugated fiberboard panels, and rugged plastic corner hubs and pins. Our containers have been used in more than 10,000 shipments of fragile items and we have received only one $7.00 claim.

Once the Kübox is all packed up, two plastic pins are inserted into each of the 8 plastic corner hubs to secure the box together. No staples or tape are needed, making the experience of assembling and disassembling simple and easy.

Kübox has been proven to be very durable in any shipping environment frequently making six or more trips. Our innovative design allows to use replacement parts, extending the Kübox life for even more trips.

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Our minimum order quantity is one Kübox. 

Standard sizes are in stock and can be shipped out the next business day. Custom sizes can be shipped within three business days.

Full color branding is available on Kübox panels up to 42" wide. 

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Kübox transforms into a flat position of only 7 inches tall, with all parts nested inside for simple transport and storage. 

Its nesting hubs make it is stackable and resistant.

We offer low minimum order quantities and short lead times, reducing the cost of holding inventory.

Labor: Time and Safety

Assembling the Kübox takes 1/10 the time it takes to assemble a wood crate. 

Handling a Kübox reduces the risk of injuries, since it is lighter than wood crates, it requires no special tools, nails or staples, and the box generates no splinters.


Disposal upon receipt by being made of paper, plastic and recyclable materials generates $400 to $600 savings.