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  • How much weight can the Kübox hold?  In the parcel environment, the Kübox can safely ship up to 125 pounds.
  • What is the Kübox made of?  Kübox integrates engineered laminated paper profiles, triple-layered corrugated fiberboard panels, and rugged plastic corner hubs and pins. Creating an incredibly strong, lightweight, easy-to-assemble shipping container.
  • How much does Kübox weigh?  Our standard sizes range between 16 and 19 lbs.
  • How do you keep the Kübox closed? Do you need tape?  Once the Kübox is all packed up, two black plastic pins are inserted into each of the 8 plastic corner hubs to secure the box together. No tape is needed but some users like to stretch wrap tape the Kübox to add some extra security. 
    • Can you make me a custom size?  Yes! We can make you a Kübox with custom dimensions with no minimum order quantity. We ship out most custom orders within 3 business days.