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Lightweight shipping

We love Kübox because it has kitset components, just like our light fixtures. It’s made of cardboard, which makes it so lightweight. It looks clean, well designed and professional, and it does a great job protecting our products. They are fragile, delicate and very lightweight - we are shipping lots of air! Some are very large, over eight feet tall or long. 

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Easy to use and reuse

I needed to pack up my handcycle for international air travel, and carry and transport it around with ease. With Kübox, not only do I use a box for 4-5 plane trips, but it’s very lightweight and easy for me to get in and out of a vehicle.

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Custom Design

Thanks, Kübox, for offering these dependable, innovative shipping boxes at an affordable price! My artworks need a tough exoskeleton for traveling across the continent or across the world, getting opened and repacked several times along the way for Customs checks. That's where Kübox comes in, with its ease to be opened and reclosed, no special tools required, no heavy wood that requires special import approval, no warped or misaligned screwholes.  

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European look

"I use Kübox crates exclusively for shipping our high-dollar high-end loudspeakers as they always arrive safely to our customers. They are reusable and the European look of Kübox perfectly fits our image! Thank you Kübox!"

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