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Easy to use and reuse

"After searching through approaches others have used and potential new solutions to pack up my handcycle for international air travel, I finally found The Kübox. The search took a while for many reasons.
First, between my handcycle, racing wheels, and other equipment, the replacement cost of the total contents of the box exceeded $15,000. I needed something I felt I could rely on.
Secondly, it couldn’t weigh too much given the size of my handcycle. I needed to be able to carry and transport it around with ease. Lastly, I didn’t want the box to take up too much room in storage between trips. 
The Kübox met all of my criteria! I was thrilled when I found them. Not only do I use a given box for 4-5 plane trips, but it’s very light weight and easy for me to get in and out of a vehicle.
Kubox lightweight shipping crate
Lastly, it has been very easy to take apart and condense down for storage in the small area of my garage I had available. I’ve been using The Kübox for all of my competitive travel since 2018 now and am thrilled with it!"
-Travis Gaertner, World Para-cycling Champion