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Custom Design

"I'm a bit of a specialist in deconstruction. I break or cut all kinds of materials and reconstruct them into abstract designs. Most of my work is in hard materials (stone, ceramic, metal, glass), held together with cement on a rigid panel. Not super fragile, but when it's traveling to a collector who has paid dearly or for an exhibition where it will be seen by the public, I can't take the chance that it will arrive in any condition other than pristine.

This is a challenge when the works are traveling across the continent or across the world, getting opened and repacked several times along the way for Customs checks.

My artworks need a tough exoskeleton for these trips at a cost that won't break the bank. That's where Kübox comes in. For each artwork I custom build a Velcro-hinged foam/foamboard sandwich that extends at least an inch past the edges of the artwork, then pack the snugly sandwiched artwork into a Kübox custom sized a half-inch larger than the artwork with no added packing material and off it goes, arriving at its destination unharmed.


An added plus for me (and I'm sure for every Customs agent and gallery curator who receives my artworks) is the ease with which Küboxes can be opened and reclosed. No special tools required, no heavy wood that requires special import approval, no warped or misaligned screwholes.

Thanks, Kübox, for offering these dependable, innovative shipping boxes at an affordable price!"

-Kelley Knickerbocker, Rivenworks