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Kübox Crates and Air Cargo

Kübox crates for air cargo
The cost of Kubox crates for EV and traditional air cargo transportation varies depending on the size and type of crate needed. Standard sizes range from $84.50 to $89.75. Custom orders have a minimum order quantity of one and can be crafted to fit specific shipping needs. 

Kübox is lightweight and easy to handle while keeping fragile items safe through shipping

The lightweight design of Kubox crates makes them more cost effective than traditional wood shipping crates, as they require less freight costs to ship

Kübox crates provide solution for heavy and fragile items, even in the rough and tumble parcel shipping environment

Additionally, because they are made from paper rather than wood, they are not subject to ISPM export regulations, making international shipping less complicated. Kübox crates have been used to safely ship large and heavy items such as speakers weighing 60 lbs, demonstrating their strength and durability even in the rough and tumble parcel shipping environment.