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Kübox Squares are perfect for shipping fragile electronic devices, medical equipment, kitchenware, collectibles and home decor.


Sizes shown are inside dimensions in inches - Length x Width x Height.

Measure the item you want to ship and add some inches for protective packaging materials (paper, bubble wrap, foam, etc). Compare those measures to our standard sizes to find the best fit.

Size Inside dimensions (inches) Outside dimensions (inches) Weight (lbs)
S 21"x21"x16" 24"x24"x19" 16
M 25"x25"x20" 28"x28"x23" 20
L 29"x29"x24" 32"x32"x27" 25


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Shipping by ground within the contiguous United States is included for standard sizes. Orders received by noon CST are shipped the next day.

Each Kübox Square can hold up to 120 pounds. 

Assembling and disassembling

The Kübox Square is shipped collapsed, like a 7-inch-high sandwich. Assembling is easy and requires no additional tools.

Check the videos and instructions here.