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At Kübox, we are inviting independent retail pack and ship locations to join our network as KuboxShips locations. By becoming a KuboxShips location, you can offer our customers a range of services including packing, short-term storage, pickup and local delivery, and of course, shipping of our award-winning parcel crates.

As an independent retail pack and ship location, you understand the importance of providing reliable and efficient shipping services to your customers. By partnering with Kübox, you can enhance your offerings and provide your customers with access to our high-quality shipping crates, specifically designed to protect fragile items during transit.

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Our Kübox crates, including Kübox Squares and Trunks, are easy-to-assemble and perfect for shipping a variety of delicate items such as electronic devices, medical equipment, kitchenware, and home decor. With our unique value proposition, you can offer your customers a reliable solution for their shipping needs.

By joining KuboxShips, you will benefit from:

  • Access to our range of award-winning parcel crates at discount
  • Increased customer satisfaction through reliable and secure shipping solutions
  • Opportunities for additional revenue through packing, short-term storage, and local delivery services
  • Marketing support to promote your partnership with Kübox
  • Listing on our website as an authorized KuboxShips location

To become a KuboxShips location, simply contact us using the form above

Join us today and become a trusted KuboxShips location, providing reliable and efficient shipping services to our customers. Together, we can ensure that fragile items are safely delivered to their destinations.

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